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Chirope has an extensive global network, mainly with shipping lines, airlines, rail & cross-border trucking offices, domestic supporting services and international warehouses.

We specialize in ocean, air, and rail freight, warehousing, trailer, consolidation, distribution, customs declaration and clearance, import and export logistics consulting, and other services such as labeling, fumigation, and quality inspections.

Sea Freight

International Container Shipping + Customs Clearance + Local Delivery

They cover the UK, the United States, Canada, and other FBA warehouses.


Actively responding to the National Belt and Road policy, Chirope launched the route of the China-Europe freight train, dedicated to selecting the best freight line according to the cross-border market demand, along with full door-to-door service, covering all FBA warehouses in Europe.

International Express & Air FBA Line

Integrate the advantages of UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, and other express resources to provide the majority of Amazon sellers with high-quality FBA express services.

Integrate global excellent aviation resources to provide FBA airfreight special line for e-commerce sellers, Including International air transport, customs clearance, and local delivery. Our service fully covers all FBA warehouses, private addresses, and commercial addresses in Europe and America, which is time-efficient, provides wide coverage, and is highly cost-effective.

European and North American FBA Shipping Service

Integrate the advantages of Matson, ZIM, COSCO, EMC, and other resources to provide the majority of Amazon sellers with high-quality FBA shipping services.

Why Choose Us

Unique logistics Support System

Thanks to the independent research and development system, as well as a set of logistics operation systems and experience serving many overseas brand enterprises, we can help customers quickly build logistics support systems In customs clearance, tax, logistics, and return and after-sales services.

Professional Team

1.Large brand customers, high-value product operation experience.
2.Customer experience first, continue to optimize the program.
3.Focus on the improvement of overseas buyers' satisfaction and build a high-quality brand reputation

Personalized Customization Service

1.Support after sales, tax customization solution.
2.Support time-limited outbound customization service.
3.Support custom clearance agent service. (With domestic => overseas warehouse transportation)

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